Blind Alley Art is the creation of Annie Fennymore who is blind...

Annie Fennymore is an award winning blind artist who when told she would have no vision by the age of 40 has gone on to create her unique form of tactile art which has been well received by the art community.

In 2014her first solo exhibition at Sunbury Embroidery Gallery in Shepperton, Middlesex was funded and supported by Arts Council (England). This was a turning point for her because it enabled her to show her unique art work to a wider audience.    
She now shows her work throughout the country, demonstrating, giving workshops talks, and is an accomplished after dinner speaker. She hopes to inspire those with sight loss to not give up on art if they feel that their love of art has deserted them.   Annie says “When we suffer sight loss our lives do change enormously but I felt that accepting where I was and working with the sight loss, and developing my strengths and adapting has freed me from what I call visual restrictions about art, and creativity in general.. I was really not a good student of art when I was a girl in fact art per se just terrified me but when the last of my vision went it was as if all barriers about art were lifted giving me total freedom of expression”

Annie is a volunteer with Essex Blind Charity and works as a befriender and home visitor.  She is also a befriender with Deaf/Blind UK and recently has visited Help4Heroes at Chavasse VC House, in Colchester where she showed her work and shared her methods and techniques with the veterans.  She has also worked with Blind Veterans in Brighton where they have taken on some of her methods and techniques to show to their clients.  She is a member of the n.e. Essex branch of the Royal Marines Charity and one of her paintings ‘Poppies’ has been endorsed by the charity  and is available to buy from Royal Marines web site with all proceeds going to marines in need of support.
Annie is a popular speaker and visits schools, universities, art groups and wherever she is invited her guide dog Mary goes along too, and Annie says “Where ever we visit we know it will always evolve into delightful chaos – no-one can resist a guide dog”.
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Annie Fennymore – Contact 0793 985 0118.





Amber was Annie’s second guide dog, and like Mary she was too featured in various publicity campaigns for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.  She was also dubbed ‘Golden Girl’ because she was the 50th dog trained in the new inner London centre.  Amber was retired in 2012 and retired in St. Osyth, Essex.
In 2011 Annie’s portrait of Amber won a highly commended award in the  Helen Keller International Art Award and you can see it  here   just visit Gallery.

Greeting card titles to date...

'Candyfloss' - (large sun hat - reaching for candyfloss)   
'This Way' (little girl with dog)         Annie's House
'Whoops'            Bluebells for Veronica
'Sweet Dreams' - (little girl in hammock)   
Dandellion'           Deckchairs      
Father Christmas/Santa        Guide Dog Amber
Pam's Place         Rose